The Philosophy

Coming from the olden days, polo is known to be "the game of kings". It has been practiced and enjoyed by the royalties of the past, from the ancient tribes of Mongolia to the clans of Persia. There existed a profound fascination among the nobles of yesterday with this peculiar sport. Coming from the same feelings of fascination and enjoyment towards polo, thus did Bali Polo Club come into emergence. It was conceptualized and brought into realization through Mrs. Samira Aljufrie, an Indonesia entrepreneur currently residing in Bali. Mrs. Samira holds a deep passion for polo and is well-known within the polo scene of Indonesia. Her love for polo has thus driven her to introduce and develop this enriching and captivating sport within the grounds of our beloved country of Indonesia. Bali Polo Club is a pioneer, as it is the first of its kind to have polo by the beach. It is also grounded within the roots of the local taste and culture of Indonesia, evident by its bamboo-supported building structures (used for sustainability) & by the choice of local breeds of our horses. Moreover, Bali Polo Club's arena stretches along a 60x20 field. There are plans to hold annual beach polo league festivals after the pandemic, so as to become a catalyst for cultural exchanges between countries worldwide. This sport bears the capability to be a common ground where friendships can bloom and cultural assimilations can take place. That is why polo is a worthwhile sport to delve into.