The Bali Bamboo Design Architectural and Construction

                 "The Bali Bamboo Design, Architectural and Construction"

"Today, bamboo is at the forefront of the eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle movement. It can be used for anything from building homes to bicycle frames to toothbrushes, plates, cutlery and straws."

Our CEO & Founder Ms. Samira Aljufrie is the designer of our Eco sustainable clubhouse and stable, she is a Fine Jewelry designer that graduated at L'ÉCOLE, SCHOOL OF JEWELRY ARTS Supported by Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris and She is a Pearl Specialist that loves organic and sustainable materials that has souls and meaningful. her philosophy are down to earth, " Jadilah seperti padi, semakin berisi semakin merunduk" She said, which has meaning of be like a rice paddy, the more you gain the more you will down to earth. Our founder loves to create something unique, one of a kind, majestic and sustainable 

We provide a bespoke service of BAMBOO SPECIALIST Constructions, Merchandise, Interior design from hand sketch to Building, we have a professional team that helps you to build a unique one of a kind modern bamboo construction for villas, modern housing, commercial space, interior Bar, Restaurants, Hotels Resorts, Offices, Highend boutique, in Bali and Worldwide. 

We also develop with local bamboo craftsmanship merchandise such as ; bamboo straw, furnitures, packaging, table and drink ware, etc.

Please contact us for more details and inquiry. 


                                       Bamboo and Sustainability

Bamboo is fast growing, robust, affordable and incredibly low maintenance. It does not need irrigation, pesticides, or additional chemical fertilizers to flourish. Human intervention is not necessary. It grows in a large range of environments and locales. Like trees, it serves as a soil erosion inhibitor; the complex, tangled root system acts as a stabilizer for soil on steep slopes or mountainsides.

Unlike hardwood trees, which are slow-growing and difficult to regrow, bamboo is actually a hardy grass. And it grows like one!

Depending on the species, it grows up to one meter per day and can be harvested every 3 to 5 years. As long as the root system remains intact, the plant does not die when cut. Instead, it will just grow new shoots from the existing root structure. No replantation necessary. This makes it a highly sustainable option that does not damage the soil through continual harvesting and replanting.

There is no need for pesticides, so no harmful toxins find their way into local water sources. It also means that the majority of the consumer products is completely organic. A bamboo straw, toothbrush, fork or cutting board does not leach any chemicals into the food or the body, simply because there are no chemical additives of any kind. And lastly, the production of natural fibers for clothing has a lower impact on the environment than the production of similar synthetic fibers.