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Samira Aljufrie, Founder of Bali Polo Club

The Philosophy

Coming from the olden days, polo is known to be "the game of kings". It has been practiced and enjoyed by the royalties of the past, from the ancient tribes of Mongolia to the clans of Persia. There existed a profound fascination among the nobles of yesterday with this peculiar sport. Coming from the same feelings of fascination and enjoyment towards polo, thus did Bali Polo Club come into emergence. It was conceptualized and brought into realization through Mrs. Samira Aljufrie, an Indonesia entrepreneur currently residing in Bali. Mrs. Samira holds a deep passion for polo and is well-known within the polo scene of Indonesia.

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Why Bali?

Bali is an Indonesian island brimming with raw beauty. It boasts a myriad of beautiful volcanoes, stunning beaches, impressive ricefields and many more natural landscapes. Bali is a favourite among many tourists because it strikes a good balance between local culture and foreign elements. The island is flecked with Western restaurants and nightclubs that cater to expats. At the same time there is also a good number of landmarks and local architecture that showcase Bali' indigenous personalities. At the core of it is Bali's locals. They are known for their gentle, humble, and welcoming nature. They are also deeply religious, with Hinduism being the religion of many Balinese citizens. Despite the advances of time, the Balinese have stayed true to their culture. Cultural aspects such as dance, drama, and traditional music continue to be preserved among them. The culture of Bali is widely known in the international scene.


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